Konsultera-IT – An employer for specialists and entrepreneurs

We have a long experience of working with international specialists and have a flexible setup for you who wish to work in Sweden as a specialist. With Konsultera you get an employment and can use the services of Assitera even though you don´t have your own company.  You will be fully covered with insurances, vacation and making sure that the correct taxes are paid. We have an insurance offer that covers the following

  • Life insurance
  • Working disability insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Pension insurance
  • Travel insurance

We will also assist you in the process of work permits in order for your assignment in Sweden.

Get the most of your salary and keep the sequrity

The salary setup is based on the invoicing (the nbr of hours worked and the price per hour).

70% is reserved for the consultant and sets the foundation of the salary including social security fees and vacation according to the labour law of sweden. 30% is reserved for risk management and is used to cover cost of the consultant and includes sales fees, insurances, pension, as well as sick leave according to the labour laws of sweden.

You also have access to the network of Assisteras  with more than 6,000 specialists. Assisteras sales team are at your disposal and you will bepart of all activities and promotions that Asistera have towards their subcontractors .


At Konsultera we also support you with setting up your own company if this is your desire. During the ongoing assignment you can switch to your own company and we will do our best to guide you into starting up your own businessThis may be of interest to those who have the dream of your own consulting firm, product company or in need of a flexible setup before you can start your own company.

– Our ambition is not to be the biggest company, instead we want to give you the opportunity to evolve as a specialist together with us, while getting the support to start your own business if you wish.